On the 30th January 1911, Anorthosis was proposed and established in Famagusta. These were the first steps along a difficult path that would lead to a clear opening.

This lay the foundation. A solid foundation was built that overcame the anger of such difficult times. It was the first page of a chapter that would never end…….with words written from blood and sweat.

Anorthosis Famagusta reformed, educated and entertained her children, and the children of her children, generation after generation, from 1911 until today, tomorrow the next day and forever…..

Here we will briefly look at moments that form the basis of the History of Anorthosis. We will flick through the pages in admiration that connected her members and supporters. We will shine a light on the pages that led Anorthosis coarse on and off the playing field.

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Number of Employees 1-50
Anorthosis Famagusta
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, Larnaca , Cyprus